Strategic landfills: support climate impact mitigation in Hong Kong

As one of the most densely populated cities in the world, Hong Kong generates millions of tonnes of municipal and construction waste each year.

To complement the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s waste management policy, Veolia offers state-of- the-art landfill design and operation expertise, as well as circular economy strategies to turn landfills into a new energy source.

The Veolia Solution

A secure containment facility

The landfills have a total capacity of104.5Mm3 respectively. It incorporates high-density, multi-layer composite coating systems covering the entire surface of the landfill site, complete leachate collection and processing equipment. 

The environmental, health and safety (EHS) management systems at all the landfills are certified in accordance with ISO14001, ISO45001.

The quality management system at all the landfills are also certified in accordance ISO9001.


Landfill gases recovered

The anaerobic degradation of waste in a landfill environment produces landfill gas. Once landfill gas is collected, it is used as a renewable energy source for ammonia stripping at the leachate processing station and on-site power generation at both landfills. Surplus landfill gas is either processed into Synthetic Natural Gas or and transmitted to local town gas plant as an alternative heating fuel or transmitted to power generation units connected to existing power grid.


Safeguard the environment nearby from pollution

The recovery of landfill gas support conservation of depleting natural resources – fossil fuel, as well as support climate impact mitigation in Hong Kong.

Key Figures

14654 million tonnes 

of daily waste intake

87,189,268 Nm3

of landfill gas captured and reused